Rental Procedure

Steps to Renting an Apartment

  1. The rental process begins when the client speaks with a Boston Brokerage Group (BBG) agent and informs the agent of their desired apartment criteria (size of the apartment, price, desired location, occupancy date, etc.).
  2. After listening to the client’s needs, the BBG rental agent will ask the client to provide them with their contact information. (Phone numbers, email address)
  3. The rental agent will then begin a comprehensive search of our database for properties that match the clients given criteria.
  4. Once the search is complete, the BBG rental agent will review the potential properties with the client and discuss which properties the client would like to view. (Some properties can be viewed immediately, while others may require 24-hrs. notice).
  5. On the day of the scheduled appointment, the BBG rental agent will typically meet with clients at the office. Prior to the actual viewing, the agent will review the properties that are about to be shown and discuss with the client any of the fees associated with the rental of each property as well as each properties monthly rent. Massachusetts state law mandates that a brokerage agency provide its clients with the rental fee disclosure form which discloses any broker fees associated with renting an apartment. This form indicates who is responsible for paying the broker fee (landlord or client) and the amount of the fee. Next, the agent and the clients will begin to view the properties selected for that appointment.
  6. When the clients have selected a property they would like to rent the agent will bring all clients back to the office to continue the rental process.

Securing an Apartment

  1. Your agent will provide you with applications that are to be completed in their entirety and will be submitted to the landlord for review. The completion of these applications in no way guarantees the landlords acceptance of the clients tenancy. The landlord will review the application and then inform BBG as to whether or not they will accept you as tenants.
  2. Most landlords require that an applicant be reviewed for credit history. Prior to submitting the application for landlord review, BBG will perform a credit check on the applicant. You will need to provide your social security number in order for BBG to perform a credit check.
  3. In the event that your credit score or annual income are deemed insufficient by the landlord, or if you are a full-time student, the landlord will require you to obtain a co-signer (guarantor) for the lease. In order to secure the apartment, BBG must perform a credit check on guarantor at time of application. Additionally, your agent will provide you with a co-signer form that must be completed by your guarantor and notarized. The original, notarized form must be sent back to BBG within five business days of the completion of the application.
  4. In order to expedite the process and make it most convenient for our clients, you will complete a full lease agreement at this time as well. The lease agreement is comprised of the lease, addendum (if applicable), apartment condition statement, and Massachusetts’ Lead Law. If your application is not accepted, this lease will be destroyed.
  5. Finally, the BBG agent will prepare the deposit receipt form that serves as a receipt of funds and provides you with a schedule for the remaining payments. The typical payment schedule is comprised of three payments to the landlord which represent the first month’s rent, last month’s rent, security deposit and a key deposit if applicable. The payment schedule also reflects payments made to BBG which are the realtor fee (if applicable) and application fee. It is the responsibility of the clients to adhere to the payment schedule outlined in the deposit receipt form, not your agent’s duty to aggressively pursue these funds.
  6. Once you have completed these items, you will submit a check to BBG for the first month’s rent and the application fee. The application fee is $35 dollars per person and it covers the cost of performing the credit check. BBG will deposit your check into an escrow account and then issue a BBG check to the landlord. Next, the BBG agent will perform the credit check. The agent will then deliver to the landlord the BBG check for first month’s rent, the rental applications and credit reports for the landlord’s review. At that time, the landlord is in control of your funds. Your agent will only notify you regarding the status of your application in the event that your application was rejected by the landlord. At this time, your first month’s rent will be refunded. The $35 per person application fee is nonrefundable, but can be applied to renting another apartment.

If for any reason you decide not to fulfill your rental obligation after the acceptance of the applications, it is the sole discretion of the landlord to determine whether or not to refund the first month’s rent to the client. BBG has no authority to refund a deposit to the client after tenancy has been accepted by the landlord.

In the event that a client decides to break the lease agreement after the tenancy has been accepted by the landlord, the lease has been executed by the clients, and the realtor fee had been paid, but the client has not yet moved in to the apartment, the brokerage fee paid to BBG is nonrefundable.

Boston Brokerage Group is a brokerage agency. Once you execute a lease with the landlord and receive keys, you are now a tenant of the landlord. BBG has no control over the condition of the apartment at the time of occupancy or control over any other aspect of the landlord / tenant relationship. Any issues regarding move-in condition must be addressed with the landlord. BBG will lend their assistance in any way possible to help inform the landlord of any issues the tenant may have upon move in, however BBG cannot guarantee the resolve of these issues.

Move-In Process

Your agent will contact you one week prior to move-in and provide you with a move-in time as well as the location to pick up your keys. If you are picking up your keys at Boston Brokerage Group, your agent will provide you with a move-in packet that contains a new apartment condition statement, utility company contact numbers, and other helpful information. In response to questions pertaining to an early move-in, it should be noted that each landlord has their own policy but typically allows tenants to move into property beginning between 10:00 am and noon on move-in day. More often than not, apartments are not available for occupancy prior to the day your lease begins.

Additional Terms and Conditions

BBG will assess a $25 fee for any returned checks.

Boston Brokerage Group accepts the following methods of payment: personal checks, money orders, bank checks, cash, or Visa and MasterCard. (Credit cards can only be used for the initial deposits). BBG will only accept cleared funds (bank checks, money orders or cash) within 15 days of move-in.